How do they make it? Pancit Canton, Philippines.

You cook right? There’s a ton of ways to make your eggs in the morning. Or if you don’t eat eggs, how do you make your tofu? I’m sure you like your eggs a certain way.. everyone has their preferences of over-easy, scrambled, with our without ketchup.. right? So I’ve decided to document & share with you a dish from each country I visit of the way it’s made, by them! There’s technique or little secrets that aren’t mentioned in shared cookbooks. Let’s find out how grandma does it!


This entree is common for Filipinos. I’d say you could see it in every restaurant or brought as a potluck item during family parties. Pancit Canton, made by my Mommy Sonia was made quickly, tastefully & with love (of course) at her home in Ayala Westgrove.

Total kitchen time: 30 minutes


  • Palm oil
  • Pancit Bihon Noodles
  • Chicken stock
  • Chinese Sausage
  • Cabbage (“Repulyo” in tagalog,) String beans, snow peas, red onions, garlic, carrots
  • Pepper & Soy sauce “Toyo”

How’s it done?

Heat Wok with Palm oil and cook chinese sausage then push to side.

Add Garlic + Onions

Add all veggies EXCEPT cilantro & snowpeas

Add Chicken stock, Toyo and stir till cooked.

Remove all veggies then add noodles, Cover and stir occasionally till ready.

Add cilantro & snowpeas last then served mixed together.












Now, what was the special ingredient in this dish?



3 thoughts on “How do they make it? Pancit Canton, Philippines.

  1. Christy K

    I’m sitting in beautiful warm california enjoy every post you share!!!! Thank you for taking wonderful pictures and sharing your journey!!!! Be safe

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