What’s in the packs..

After research I found that a backpack was more my suit. I picked the Osprey Farpoint 55 Liter.


It’s worn like a backpack but the straps hide away for you to check it in, BUT it’s also small enough to carry on.. which will save me $ down the line as a lot of airlines charge for checked luggage. It has a 2nd day pack attached to it that I use for my electronics & second carry on.


Two backpacks you ask? Well the smaller one detaches from the back then attaches to the front of the shoulder straps  & fits like a regular daypack for everyday excursions when needed.

Inside I’m using some eBay Cube Organizers I swooped up for $10 shipped for organized packing.



EVERY single blog told me to pack light, but knowing myself, I need variety in my clothing :/


  • 1 green cargo pant
  • 1 grey REI Adventure pant
  • 1 beige cargo pant
  • 5 t shirts
  • 2 vnecks
  • 1 s collar
  • 1 long collar
  • 2 long sleeve/under armor





  • 5 uniqlo quick dry boxers
  • 4 socks – I like sleeping in them 🙂
  • 1 belt
  • 1 beenie


  • 1 casual beige short
  • 1 grey cargo short
  • 1 running/sport
  • 1 swimming


  • 1 Brooks trail running
  • 1 Teva sandal
  • 1 Toms
  • 1 Sperry


& Toiletries.

Surprisingly, all this in the 55L only weighed 20lbs!! My smaller electronic bag pack however, came in at 24lbs.

The front/daypack:

  • 13in macbook pro
  • External Hard Drive
  • External Battery Charger
  • Nikon D700 DSLR + antitheft strap
  • 3 x lens’ 18-105mm / 35mm / 10-20mm
  • Barnes&Noble reading Nook (not shown)
  • Canon Cybershot 14mp
  • GoPro + Accessories
  • Benro backpack tripod
  • All cords chargers accessories.

image 2

I know, It’s a lot :/ I’m learning.


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