Typing on the 747


About me.. My name, Niño Lorenzo. For the longest time, I’ve had this dream of traveling to all the places I’d seen in books or on TV. Growing up, Discovery Channel & anything that wasn’t the norm in cartoons at my age was what really woke me up to see farther than the bubble I was currently in. So now I’m 26 & I just left San Francisco to start my first Round The World trip, for an entire year.

It was all a dream at first..


How’d I do it? I saved a percentage of my paychecks into an account I could not see online, have access to with a card & my paychecks were variable so I never knew how much I was contributing bi-weekly. If I needed the cash, I’d have to go into a branch just to inquire. Not so ‘slide your card anytime you need it” easy.. is it? A year later I looked & I had enough!

So, where to first? Well, being filipino I was fortunate at my younger ages to have had my parents fly me to see their culture back home. So now it’s 15 years later & I’m going back for a visit. The Philippine Islands 🙂 Luckily my Dads also there on vacation, so he’ll be reintroducing me to his side of the family!


From there, I plan on all of South East Asia like Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Indonesia. I have eyes on seeing the colored flags of Nepal next, then giving myself for 30 days of yoga, in India.

After Asia, I’ll be walking the cobble stone streets of Europe & having espresso over white cotton linen on circular tables. My mom will be in Italy in August so I’m trying to plan accordingly. France & Spain are my only other interests as I need to prolong my budget and Europe isn’t exactly dollar friendly.

From there I jet south. The continent of Africa has me keen on Egypt, Ethiopia (I love coffee) & the beautiful and voted 2014 travel destination of Cape Town, South Africa.

Another flight directly West sets my feet in Argentina to hike a little, if not just walk in, Patagonia. Now in South America, I’ll head north to Peru to see Machu Pichu then East to Brazil for the sands & sun of Rio de Janeiro. After that tan, I’ll make my way north with whatever money is left, till I meander back to my house, in Hayward, California.

I have a travel budget & this is my current route. All things could change as NOTHING goes as planned. I even had my first wrench in the gears moment leaving SFO with not booking my departing flight out of the Philippines. Philippine Airlines didn’t allow me to board till I had one booked.. which resulted in the fastest international WRONG flight buy of my life.

I’ll be contacting China Air soon cause I accidentally booked 2 flights, one the wrong way lol

Now I’m on the plane, 2 hours to go & we’ll set wheels & our red eyes down at 3am in Manila.

Make money spend a different currency. Niño.


4 thoughts on “Typing on the 747

  1. Anna

    Amazing! Ill be following your year long adventure. What a great way to spend a year! So exciting! Ive been to some of the places you’ve mentioned and plans to visit the rest. But for now, ill be enjoying your adventures through your writing and photos.
    I remember planning out an exit ticket as well when traveling to certain countries too. (bali, manila, china) I ended up booking a $20 ticket to Macau from manila. Not bad I thought.

    Anyway, safe travels and looking forward to learning and reading about your journey.

    Anna Lim

  2. Erica Bonilla

    This is sooo amazing! I envy and admire u for this! I look forward to following ur blog and keeping up with u for inspiration!! Traveling the world has been something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the money or guts to do it! As I get older I realize life is so short and now tht I’m finally finding myself I now realize I have to guts to do anything! Money is the only issue now 😦 maybe one day I’ll be able to travel to the many odd places I’ve always wanted to go! Ireland, Sweden, Paris, Spain, Brazil, Egypt, Tokyo, Iceland, Puerto Rico and even my home country El Salvador! Good luck out there!!! U will have a blast! Traveling is how we discover ourselves!!

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